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B.RICK is a brand that intertwines innovation and creativity with a sense of edge and sophistication.  As fashion constantly evolves and recycles, B.RICK strives to distinguish itself as a brand with ingenuity.  Our bold use of colors, textures, and symmetry solidifies the authenticity of the brand.  B.RICK welcomes you to an experience of visionary style and luxury.



Meet the Designer: Brendan Crump

Born in the city of Philadelphia, Brendan always had an eye for the art of fashion.  His ability to be able to conceptualize creative works and designs can be owed to his use of painting and drawing at the early age of 7.  Through art, he used his imagination and creativity to build his innovative skills that are used in his brand today.  Growing up, he developed his skills by designing T-Shirts, Blazers, and adding all types of details to clothing he already owned to make it genuine to his personal style. To follow his dreams, eventually he set his sights on New York City, where he currently resides.  Here in one of the world’s leading cities for fashion, Brendan strives to make B.RICK a staple in the fashion industry.